Deepening Our Faith, One Verse at a Time

Join us in a transformative journey of faith, guided by the unwavering word of God. From weekly men’s and women's Bible studies to our Operation Multiplication mentoring ministry, Rosemont offers an array of opportunities for everyone to grow closer to the Lord.

Men's Bible Studies

Equip, Empower, Lead

Rosemont offers three distinct Bible studies aimed at empowering men to become spiritual leaders. These studies aren't just about reading Scripture; they're about applying the Word in real-world situations—both within the family unit and in the broader community.
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Women's Discipleship Group

Fostering Sisterhood in Christ

Rosemont's Women’s Discipleship Group serves as a haven for women seeking spiritual growth. This group aims to nurture a strong sense of community and offer a supportive environment where women can connect, grow, and thrive in their relationship with God.
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Operation Multiplication

Disciples Making Disciples

Our unique Operation Multiplication program goes beyond traditional discipleship. Through one-on-one mentoring, we're committed to equipping believers to make disciples who will then go on to disciple others, fulfilling the Great Commission in an impactful way.

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